About Us

Hashmeta Technology is a technology company that provides next-gen marketing and commerce technologies platform for brands to support social media marketing, social influencer marketing, social commerce marketing around the world.


With social commerce penetration on the rise and many seeing social as a driver for sales growth, brands need to gain momentum for marketing initiatives on these platforms.


We started in social media marketing and expanded our business into influencer marketing and creator economy.


Now, we are developing and providing software that supports individuals and businesses for social commerce enablement, marketing, and logistics.


We're looking to build an end-to-end direct-to-consumer business infrastructure for next-generation businesses by leveraging the power of technology to bring forward a world where anyone can do marketing easily.

Our Numbers in a Snapshot

Years in Business
50 k+
5000 k+

Our Mission

With our mission to "make marketing easy and efficient", we will continue to create go-to-market solutions for the industries through the power of data and technology.

Making Marketing Easy for Everyone in Everything We Do


Making an Economic Impact

Million of revenue generated by Hashmeta Technologies and partner ecosystem. Thousands of jobs supported by businesses operated through Hashmeta Technology.


Making a Social Impact

Working with the Government to help bring thousands of small businesses online. Increase visibility for local shops, sustainable shops, influencer-powered (KOLs) shops, women-owned (KOCs) businesses through our social commerce infrastructure.

Our Leaders

Our leadership brings years of marketing innovation to the team

Hashmeta Technology team is led by experienced industry technologists who are passionate about martech especially in the area of social marketing, influence and commerce.